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Little Bear Water Comany
In fulfilling our Mission, we will:
Work with the consumers of the District with pride.  Keeping our customer's best interest in mind by making sure we provide safe potable water and services at the lowest possible cost.  We are committed in providing our customers with responsive service and are sensitive to their needs and are dedicated to their satisfaction.
The continuous improvement, up-grading, and maintenance of the distribution system to ensure that adquate water supplies will be available to consumers, for today and for the future.  To keep abreast on newly promulgated drinking water regulations and technological developments that are associated with drinking water.
  • We are entrusted to serve the public and are responsible for carrying out its mission for the beneft of the communty we serve.
  • We are committed to providing excellent service to all customers.
  • In that all individuals are unique and important, they shall be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect.
  • We shall take pride in our work and will be accountable to carry out our responsibilities safely with honesty and integrity.
  • We are committed to creating an inclusive work environment which reflects and support the diversity of our community.



We are entrusted by the customers of Pine Canyon to supply safe and potable drinking water both in adequate water supply and water pressure at a reasonable cost, while conserving and protecting our water supplies for the present and future generations.  Our mission statement captures the essence of what we do and why we do it, but perhaps the most important word is "entrusted" as we do indeed take it seriously.  While we are fortunate not to suffer from the effect of the drought as many other areas are experencing, we do share the same concerns.  The old era of seemingly unlimited fresh and safe water is ending, with a new era which today exposes a sobering truth of critical shortage in water supplies.  What we do toady as a community will determine the future of our drinking.  Little Bear's " Conservation Program" includes water consumers as involved citizens, participating in a joint effort to be water-efficient, and not merely as water customers receiving and paying for the deliver of water.  That consevation is a two-way street, one that promotes reciprocal responsiveness and responsiblity by all customers, who take pride in their commitment to the community.  Water conservation is viewed as an expression of the community desire to be good stewards of its water resources and keeping it in proper balance with the environment.  Only if consumrs are willing to embrace and practice good conservation ethic and adopt conservation as a fundamental part of their lifestyle, can the district water conservation program be successful.  Today more than ever 'water conservation" is an "imperative" and not an "option."


Richard Hiwa, General Manager, Little Bear Water Company



HOURS OF OPERATION                                                                             

Nornal Hours:        7:00 am to 12:00 pm                 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm



Little Bear Water Company

51201 Pine Canyon Road, # 124

King City, California 93930


OFFICE NUMBERS:                               Normal Hours                                                    Emergency Numbers


                               Office Number          (831) 385-3524                                                  Primary Number        (831) 320-9725                                                             


                                Fax Number             (831) 385-0105                                                  Secondary Number   (831) 682-3584 



If it is not an emergency, please leave a message on the office answering maching after normal hours, weekends, and holidays and someone will contact you on the next normal work day.


To contact the utility in event of an emergency, please call the emergency numbers provided above. 


Little Bear's Email Address                                                                             Little Bear's Web Site Address                                                                     


Up-dates to Little Bear "Web Site" shall be done on a quarterly time-frame, unless immediate action on the part of the utility are needed to inform its customers on:


  • Priority 1 - Emergency notification of potential and/or possible water contamination which requires immediate action on the part of consumers to protect health and safety.
  • Priority 2 - Water quality notification and what action(s) that consumers are required to take to protect health and safety.
  • Priority 3 - Shut-down of distribution system for schedule maintenance, repairs and/or replacement work.
  • Priority 4 - Public information which the utility deems necessary to keep you the using consumers informed about pending issues.